We all have a story, a journey of many steps that brings us here to this moment.



          In addition to my 15 years of study in herbal medicine, I have studied with Andrea Nakayama, a functional nutritionist and completed her Holistic Nutrition Lab/ Full Body Systems 9 Month Intensive Course in 2014.  This has given me a powerful understanding of the body's systems and how to bring them gently back into health and balance.  I am a Certified Transformational Coach having completed the certification process and gone on to Mastery in the incredible Transformational Coaching Method. I possess a full yet nuanced framework for how the body works and how the mind works as well.   My trainings allow me the versatility and practically grounded knowledge to bring together all my divergent paths of wisdom to facilitate life-changing results in the lives of my clients.    

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“I am so truly grateful to have met Renee and to have had the opportunity to work with her. Renee has an absolute gift for coaching and it has been priceless to experience it first hand. The work we have done together has changed my life in ways I only dreamed of attaining on my own. I am forever thankful for the doors she helped to open in my life and the healing she has brought to my heart. It has been a joy to be coached by Renee and a comfort to know that I can rely on her in the future.”
— Erin McCarthy MS, RD Owner of Cook, a boutique kitchen store with a heart for supporting local agriculture and bringing people back to the dinner table with home cooked meals.
I am a health professional with adult children and a loving husband, but few knew the constant suffering I was enduring. As a Christian I felt that Biblical insights with God’s wisdom should have been enough to carry me through life. Yet still I struggled with anger. I came to Renee because my daughter’s best friend had found great healing through her.

I gained tremendous insights from Renee. Renee has an uncanny ability of helping you realize why you are unable to overcome difficulties and she gives you tools to overcome them and learn new healthy thought processes. My obsessive anger has disappeared. All this seemed impossible when I first called to make an appointment. Now I am that healthy and confident person I knew I could be. Renee is very gifted and I wholeheartedly say that you can listen to her insights and begin your own journey towards healthy, confident, joyful living!
— L.L. (Redding CA)
Before I started working with Renee, my life was good and I was happy, but I was feeling stuck and didn’t know how to move past it. Working with Renee was wonderful; she taught me the tools I needed to show up for myself without guilt. I learned how to uncover my motivations and realize what was holding me back in our weekly sessions. I learned how to be truly honest with myself. I do believe what Renee has to offer is something you can’t do for yourself. Getting a health coach is the best thing I have done for myself and now my life is happier and better is so many ways.
— J. T. (California)
I can’t say enough about what Renee’s coaching has done for the momentum in my life. After having my son I found myself in a place where I desired more in my life but couldn’t seem to get there. Renee helped me to see that what I really wanted and needed was to focus on my own needs and wants and doing that would actually serve a higher purpose for both my son and myself. She helped me to focus on where I subconsciously wanted to go in life. I was shocked to discover that I already knew what I wanted. Its a process that has just begun but for the first time in three years the path seems clear to me. I feel healthier, happier and bolder than I have in a long time. Best of all my son is healthier and happier too. I would highly recommend working with Renee.
— Jen Henry (Nevada)
Renee has given me some very valuable tools with which to communicate with myself and to stay connected to the person who has been hiding inside.
Renee has an outstanding ability to listen, process and interpret what I express to her. She formulated important questions for me to ponder… …questions that began to open my eyes to the really important aspects of who I am, who I used to be and who I can become. Her perception, kindness and sensitivity allowed me to trust her completely with everything that we discussed.
I would highly recommend Renee and her coaching sessions to anyone who feels out-of-touch with her heart, soul and who is feeling a need to improve her sense of well-being. It is an important thing to do for oneself.

— Carol H. (California)
Renee is very insightful in her coaching. Her warm, caring nature allowed me to shine a light on old thoughts and beliefs that were holding me back from being my authentic self in every space in my life. Through just one session with Renee, I was able to make some significant mind-set and perspective changes that have boosted my self-confidence and allowed me to positively integrate my feelings with my actions. If you are looking to make long-lasting changes that stick, Renee is the coach for you. Highly recommended!
— Leanna Long (Colorado)
I wanted to take the time and say thank you for being such a valuable resource for me. Since my time working with you I feel like a new person! After each session I leave feeling empowered and focused. I am so grateful to have found you. Your intuition is really remarkable, I am amazed with how easily you seem to dive right through the clutter of my crazy fearful mind just to uncover the wisdom and guidance I have been carrying all along! It’s simply amazing, how do you do that?! Your healthy perspective is such a gift! Before working with you I would have never understood the importance of having a guided, supported space to explore my needs and desires. Wow, what a difference it has made in my life already and to think we’ve just begun. I’m inspired again and that is worth all I have invested with you. I am grateful.
— Jen King (Chicago)
When I first spoke with Renee, I felt instantly at ease. She has this way of laser-focusing in on you so that you feel held and supported, as if nothing else matters to her but you. It comes from a place of genuine interest and caring for others. She was able to use her incredible intuition to offer me perspectives that I had never considered myself. I walked away from our conversation feeling so empowered and confident that I could achieve my dreams without compromising my values.
— Yvonne Ling Kao (California)

Before I began coaching with Renee I felt a subtle sense of disorientation and was lacking clarity of direction in some areas of life. Having been through many years and forms of coaching at different times in my life, it became clear that it was time once again to enter a new period of introspection and seek to shift some paradigms with guidance from a trusted outside source. Renee helped me discover some patterns and beliefs that I carried which were preventing me to move forward with confidence and ease. She shared valuable tools that I continue to use to ensure that the positive changes I experienced will last. For me, coaching delivers a gentle but deep reminder of how beautiful life can be and no issue is too big or small for the careful honoring that a good coach like Renee can deliver. She brought a bright and comforting sense of encouragement to the table in each of our sessions and I would recommend coaching with Renee to anyone who could use a little help getting reoriented and engaged in all areas of life.
— A.P. (Red Bluff CA)