Frequently Asked Questions


What is Coaching?

Coaching is a technique of guided inquiry in which people learn to understand themselves on a deeper level.  Coaching uncovers not only the how of problem-solving but more importantly the why as well.   Once people understand why they have been stuck, their whole world can open up to new levels of mastery and joy.  

Who Benefits From Coaching?

Anyone who has a strong desire to change or achieve a goal is a good candidate for coaching.  Coaching is client-centered and driven.  Coaching can take normally functioning people and advance them to a more optimal functioning.   

What are Some Differences Between Coaching and Therapy?

Coaching is forward thinking and goal oriented.  It does not spend much time digging through a clients past experiences.  Coaches are not licensed or equipped to deal with mental illness or trauma.   These situations call for a therapist.  Coaching sessions are finite and action oriented.   

What Will I Get From Coaching?

Since coaching is client-driven, what you get from coaching is what you put into it.  How motivated are you to achieve your goals?  How willing are you to uncover where you have been holding yourself back?  How much are you willing to change for your own advancement?    As in life, there are no guarantees with coaching.  But coaching can help clients discover their true calling, uncover hidden goals, encourage and support positive change that allows clients the space to dream of a life they love.   My coaching starts with the health and resilience of the body, the mind and the spirit and then works out from there to diet, nutrition, lifestyle, herbalism and relationships.  It all fits together and when brought into a cohesive whole, is a powerful engine for transformation.  The question always becomes:  how willing are you to go after the change you want?

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