Digestion Help 911 - What's Eating You?

Do you dread making food choices?

Are you in pain around food?

Do you experience gas, bloating and indigestion regularly?

Does eating out present a terrible challenge?

Do you have trouble losing weight or keeping weight on?

Digestion is key to health.  Without it we would quickly die.  And yet millions of people are in pain daily surrounding food.  Either physically or emotionally food is not nourishing for them; it may be downright toxic.  And it feels that way.  So what is eating you?  Have you given up ever feeling good around food again?  Do you feel like the act of eating is like playing Russian roulette? My Digestion Help 911 will:

  • Explore how your past informs your present (it IS important).
  • Focus on the symptom that kills your joy the most - and get rid of it or lessen it.
  • Be a detective and use food to find your best health.
  • Find the joy and pleasure in food again.

Being nervous, scared and worried about food takes away so much joy.  You were meant for more.  Digestion should not hurt and with determination and guidance, you can find food that nourishes you and increases your energy and drive.  Food is fuel but it is also meant to be pleasurable.  If you are in discomfort around food, Digestion Help 911 Program may be for you.  You owe it to yourself to find a way to ease in digestion.  Invest in finding a way to comfort and happiness around food again.  

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