Deep Listening


      I was speaking with a dear friend about all the turmoil of late in our country.  We spoke about how beliefs and stories get locked in as children and then we grow up and act them out.  We grow up and look for them.  And we find them in all their pain and heart ache.  And we spoke about where do we go from here?  From this place of discord and hurt and rage?

     The first step as I see it is awareness.  To open our eyes to the problem, the pain and suffering of others.  Then to really listen.  Listen to others when they share their story.  Listen to others when they call for accountability and justice.  Listen to others when they cry and release.  This calls for Deep Listening.  Have you ever been listened to deeply, fully and completely?  Listened to in a way that let you release and share all you needed to and knew that the other person was not judging or preparing, but simply and profoundly hearing you?  Well, it is rare.  But this is what is needed in times of such intensity.  Huge pain requires deep listening.  Only then can we heal together.  How good are you at listening?