When my partner and I decided to close our health clinic is was a very difficult decision.  We had invested so much time, money and heart into the project.  At one time we thought it would take us into old age with vigor and commitment.  And then?  And then we started to notice we were not enjoying our life anymore.  We started to notice we weren't able to enjoy our land, our gardens, or even our family.  We spent so much time going and driving and had neglected to add this into the cost of running the clinic.  In the end the way our home life changed was too high a price to pay for having a clinic.  It wasn't about the money.  It was about how we wanted to FEEL in our life.  And we weren't feeling it. 

     I have told friends that the experience of closing the clinic was unlike anything I had felt before.  On the one hand, I felt so disappointed and sad about the closing but on the other, I knew it was the right choice.   And through it all the questions that gave us the most clarity were:  How do we want to feel in our life?  And what brings us closer to that?  So how about it?  What brings you closer to the life you want to live in?