The Trap

Black and white. 

Black and white. 

     You know you have fallen into the trap of black and white thinking when you find yourself believing:


I can either work harder or stop working.

I can either be loving or be cold.

I can either do what they want or be selfish.

I can either be true to myself or be a good person.

I can either have time with my family or be productive.

I can either follow my dreams or be responsible.


    These false dichotomies only serve to keep you stuck.  They pretend to offer you a clear choice but in reality they only limit you.  When confronted with them I find the best thing to do is slow down and step back.  And then I ask: Is this true? Is this my only real choice? Are their actually more options here than I have allowed?

Be curious.  Be Kind.  There are often so many ways to look at things and so many ways to see things that are neither black nor white.