The Best of Intentions


    We can have the best of intentions to do something.  We can really want it to happen.  But if that intention is not married to action, we will have little to show for it no matter how noble.  Often we can actually get side-tracked by the best intentions.  These best intentions crowd out good intentions with their shining qualities. And so instead of actually doing something well enough, we wait for the best most perfect time and of course often do nothing.  Have you ever said this?

I will do it once the weather is better.

I will do it when I have more time.

I will do it when I am feeling stronger.

I will do it when things have calmed down.

I will do it when my head is clear.

I will do it when I have done XYZ and I deserve it.

I will do it when I know exactly what I will say, feel, do, be.


     No wonder we often don't do the things we have the best of intentions of doing.  We have stacked the cards so high against ourselves that we wait and wait.  Sometimes best is best.  But sometimes best is indeed the enemy of good enough.  So where do you use your best of intentions to actually stall?  And where can good enough come to the rescue?