The Shallow and the Deep

Dig Deep

Dig Deep

Some things clients have shared that they want:


To be appreciated

To appreciate

To be free

To be able to relax

To accept themselves

To connect to others

To feel good in their body

To be a good friend

To live life on purpose

To create more


     I have yet to hear anyone say, "I want more money" or "I want more power" (super villain tendencies aside, power does enact will).   No one has said "I want more things" or "I want a bigger house."  Now, my lens of experience is small.  But it seems to me that we don't spend near enough time devoted to the things we really, sometimes deeply want and WAY more time on the surface things we work for i.e. more money and more power to buy things. 

Doesn't living this way seem like a really good strategy to end up only with the shallow list of wants and frustrated and confused as to why we are so restless? 

So there is the shallow list of wants and then there is the deep.

Go for the deep.  

And if you don't know what the deep list is?  Ask.  "What will having that do for me?" Over and over.

If you are not curious about your own life, who will be?