I went to an event recently where an accomplished, smart, strong and beautiful woman stood up and after introducing herself said she was turning 40 this year and was going to give 40 the big "F-U".  I wondered why?  Why such animosity for an age, just a number?  I found turning 40 amazing.  It changed how I looked at not only the world but myself.  And by most standards this woman was stronger, more beautiful and probably smarter than I am.  And yet with all this, she held such distain for the fact that she had survived for 40 years.  Not just survived but from the looks of it, she had thrived. 

     Don't get me wrong.  This woman can give the F-U to whatever and whomever she wants. But under this rejection of aging, I hear also a rejection of life.  Now she may want to rewrite what aging means for her, but we all age; we all change.  We all at some point become weaker, softer, less able to engage in the way we used to.  It is a natural process that some fight tooth and nail.  For me however, the interesting questions are: Can we cultivate both acceptance, gratitude even for our aging selves, and also be inspired to find new ways of being?  What are the golden nuggets of wisdom that only age can give?  Instead of distain for aging, can we kiss 40, 50 or 60+ and at the same time make our own rules for what it looks like and feels like?  I say YES!  And rejection plays no part.