The Coward's Way


   Saying what you mean is monumental when it comes to change.  The only way to clarity is honesty, is taking a stand in your life.   Being honest with yourself and others is something you just can't fake.  And yet being honest can sometimes be incredibly hard and even dangerous.  But showing up powerfully in your own life requires it.  No more hiding behind self-lies, hints or worst of all sarcasm. 

     When I was in my 20's someone told me sarcasm was for cowards (being earnest was so not cool then).  This cut me to the quick since I loved sarcasm.   And although I still do find it funny when used in the proper context, I know from experience sarcasm can kill fledgling hopes and tentative dreams.  It can kill newly expressed honesty and expressions of love.  Sarcasm is the opposite of pride, honesty and integrity.   (If you doubt what I am saying try using sarcasm on a 3 year old.  You will feel terrible.)

     Where do you stand?  Because to change and forge a new path, you need to know where you stand and where you are headed.   You need to be conscious and clear.  But sarcasm slyly hints at what you don't want and showcases what you make fun of.  Sarcasm dodges the whole question of what you really believe.  So what do you really want?  And are you brave enough to just say it?