Shiny New Thing


      We can get side-tracked by the new shiny thing.  It could be a new car; it could be a new house or new town to live in.  It could be a new career or a new relationship where we think we will be so different and so much more appreciated.  The allure of new is often hard to resist.  I have recently realized I fell into this hole myself.  For about a year, I forgot why I moved to the country, why I designed our farm around permaculture principles and why I homeschooled our kids.  I just got so wrapped up in the new thing, I lost my way a little.  But reality finally set in.  What is it that I really want my life to look like?  What are the feelings that I want to experience?  Who do I want to be in my life? And importantly, where do I want to spend most of my time?

     These questions brought me back to myself and brought me back to center.  Ah..... Clarity is so good.  I could beat myself up for losing my way, but really? Who has time for that?  :)