Committing To Love


      We commit to many things in our lives.  Some we are very aware of like taking care of our children or showing up and doing good work at our jobs.  But other commitments we are less aware of.  For example, the way we commit to our health, or don't over and over.  Or the way we commit to hating our commute.  The way we commit to enduring instead of loving our lives.  With clients I am always bringing our discussion back to Feeling Your Feelings.  Because you can't build a life of honesty and integrity without doing this.  And you can't truly manifest your own greatness if you are not committed to love. 

     And since you can't pour from an empty cup, how do you show your commitment to yourself?  What does love mean to you?  What is its shape and texture?  What does it do and not do?  How different would your life be if it were infused with self-love?  If you don't know the answers to these questions, love will elude you and your life will be a shadow of what it can be.  Committing to love takes courage, honesty and action. Are you ready for love?

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