Time In the Short Step



          In last week's post I talked about how slippery time is.  Do you have your whole life ahead of you at any point?  Are you at mid-life even now?  And I reflected that the present is all we ever really have.   However I would be remiss if I did not share how my own experiences of time takes it 2 steps further.  When you want something new in your life, you want to take a different route, start a new adventure, that often takes planning.  There is short term planning and long-term planning.  

     Short term planning is what you do this week.  What you do day to day, week by week that gets you closer to your desired outcome.  Do you want more health? Well the only way to get it is to plan out what you will eat, do and think today and tomorrow.  Planning ahead takes away the power of inertia and the hypnosis of old habits.  For the vast majority of people, short term planning is pivotal for the achievement of goals.  That and actually following through.    Read that last sentence again.  Follow through.  Many, many people get stuck in the prep phase of the short-term planning and never actually launch.  So remember planning isn't perfect.  Good enough is best.  Just do it.   But is that all there is to it?  No.  Next time I will introduce you to the power of long term planning and it's dangers.


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