Time In the Long View



     Taking the long view is easier for some than others.  But I think nothing truly great in scope has been achieved without doing this.     Having a longer, larger perspective requires the mindset of faith.  You have faith in yourself; you have faith in the world coming to meet you in a way that helps.  And that means planning with variables you can't see: faith.  

     From my own life I have utilized the long view several times but I will give one example.  My husband and I decided to build a straw bale house ourselves in our 30's.  This took us from start to finish 4 1/2 years.  But as I sit now in our cozy, beautiful home, I am very clear that this would not have been possible without long view planning.  

   One important warning here.  Just as in short term planning you can get lost in the details, wanting it to be perfect before you start, long view planning can be even more dangerous.  All the details, all the unknowns, all the variables can be crushing.  So what do you do?  Actually it's simple.  You take your long view plan and chunk it down into your short-term planning.  

     So from where I sit, effectively managing time has 3 parts: Present moments, short term plans and long view plans.  Or stated another way, if you want to flow with time and get out what you want, you need: presence to the now, planning, consistent effort and diligence, and hard work and faith.  Got it? :)

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