Men Need Spirit Too



     Most of my clients are women.  When I tell them they may need to enrich their relationship with Spirit, for the most part, they get it.  They may need help finding out what that means for them, but they usually immediately recognize the importance of that relationship.  For men...not so immediate.  I find some men turn away when the conversation is related to Spirit.  They seem to be saying, "No time for that; I am too busy in the real world."  And I get it.  They are busy.  They have many pressures and commitments.  But do they really think this question of what they believe regarding Spirit is going to go away if they ignore it long enough?  It won't.

     How we think we fit into to the larger scheme of things informs how we act.  It informs and colors what our goals are and our inspirations.  It defines what we allow into our lives.  It is the foundation upon which many things we work for are built.  So how we relate to God or the Universe or just (N)nature is important.  The answers we have to these questions can be anything that feels true.  But no one else can answer them for us.  Getting clear on what we believe and what inspires our life will allow us to stand in our own truth AND be inspired.  Don't men deserve that too?

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