Feel Your Feelings



     The more I learn about the inner workings of pain, the more I am convinced that feeling our feelings is vital.  And we need to feel them when we are having them even if we need to acknowledge and then release.  Because in order to feel them much later, we have to suppress them.  And suppressed feelings often gain power and darkness the more they are denied.   They twist and contort but they do not yield for long.  They will make themselves known.  Notice I did not say act on them.  I said feel them.

     So many of us are the walking wounded.  We mask this with drink or a stiff upper lip.  This is a lie.  Feeling our feelings may sound too full of New-Age fluff.  And yet.... To take responsibility for our own feelings and not allow them to become demented is a sign of emotional maturity.   To say, "that hurt" or "I am scared you will leave" can feel like the hardest thing.  But isn't it harder to watch your whole world come crashing down as all those denied feelings rush back in full of rage?  You don't have to look far to see this play out again and again.  Please, for all our sakes, feel your feelings.  

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