Dark Stars



          As I sat outside tonight I looked into the dark sky.  At first there was just inky black.  The skies had been overcast all day.  No stars tonight.  But as I continued to look, I could just make out here and there a tiny glimmer.  The stars were there, I just could not see them.  And I remembered how often this is the case in life.  There are times when we just can't see.  We don't know where our path is headed. The darkness can seem so permanent.  

     But is it?  Even in the deepest night when no stars or moon are visible, they are still there beyond our sight.  We must hold on to that in times of doubt.  They shine still.  The sun will rise again tomorrow.   Taking comfort in the words of others, the presence of others, when despair clouds our view, is sometimes the only way.   This world can seem so heavy, so dark.  But is that permanent?  You have a choice.  You can dwell in the darkness or instead always keep on the look out for those unerring stars.  They are always there.   Have they gone out?  Or is it just you can not see them?

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