A Bit of Trash and Sovereignty

Are you free?



     Last week while I was driving home on an empty country road, I saw a black plastic bag crazily moving in the wind.  It was caught on a barbed wire fence.  With the wind lifting and pulling, it looked for a moment like a black bird.  But, no it was just a bit of plastic animated not by some inner life force but by the vagrancy of the wind.  

     And I found myself reflecting that some of us live our lives like this.  Stuck on, bound to, one idea, maybe a job, a relationship or a role we play.  We experience so little sovereignty.  We feel utterly attached, entrapped really by our mindset.  And we may even end up feeling battered and used.  But is this the only way?  Now when I see that bit of black flashing in the distance, it's a reminder that there is nothing more precious than this: awareness and freedom.    Are you free?

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