Times of change are often times of disintegration.  And that can be confusing and painful.  I have recently gone through such a time.  One of my coaching mentors shared that she was also going through a rough time of transition and re-evaluation.  It meant so much to me that she was so transparent.  I admire her and her light, fun and profound coaching style.  I have learned so much from her.  And yet her being human and honest, helped me even more than her techniques.  

     Sometimes we need permission to be who we are, to feel all our feelings.  And these can be rough and awkward.  The road to clarity can start out quite dark.  It helps to remember everyone fails, stumbles, feels lousy and cries.  The question becomes, what do we do after that?  Who do we want to be in light of all that learning?  And what lesson have I learned from this most recent trip?  Self-compassion, a soft touch, and an embrace of me with all my flaws and holes.  We can't really be compassionate with others if we are not being that way with ourselves.  

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