Wherever You Go

You arrive.



"Wherever you go, there you are."  

     Or as I like to think of it:  You can pack your bags for any destination but it will always be you that arrives.   We can't really get away from ourselves.  We can get away from everyone else in one way or another but we can never really ditch ourselves.  And often  this is just what we are trying to do when we fantasize about new vacations,  new clothes, new relationships, new tech, new new new.  We are looking to make ourselves new, different, other than we are.  But again, wherever you go, there you are.  

     If you get a million dollars, you will still have the ache of self doubt if you had it before.  If you find "the one" you will still suffer from procrastination if it was there when you were alone.  We often think "once I get X, I will finally be free of Y." But you will never be free from yourself.   What is underneath that self doubt?  What let's you know to do something other than what you set out to do during procrastination?  There is nothing wrong with vacations, clothes or tech.  But who are you being when you want them so much?  And who are you trying to run away from?

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