Self-Help Junkie

What do YOU really think?

We all long to be heard. 

We all long to be heard. 


     For many years I read self-help books in cycles.  I would get very motivated to start a new way of thinking/being and read about it, do it for a while and then eventually slide back into my old patterns.  Like the 20 pounds that some people gain and lose and gain and lose over the course of their lives, I would gain motivation and then lose it to depression over and over.  Change work can be a slippery thing.  The mind plays tricks and old patterns are often entrenched. 

     I have found working with clients who are self-help junkies presents its own set of challenges.  They are so keyed into language, labels and introspection, that when I ask them simple questions like "what do you want?  And what will having that do for you?" they get stuck.  They stall in a swirl of other people's words and phrases, advice and wisdom.  Yet they seem to have lost touch with their own truth.    So we drill down and down and down.  We need to find the bottom of the desire.  What's this really all about for them (the weight, the love, the energy, etc)?  Not on a philosophical level but a feeling level.   Words can become a confusing maze of misdirection and other-ness.  But if we are patient and keep asking, the real honest answer will come out.  Because deep down, we all yearn to be heard and expressed.  We just have to be willing to cut through the other voices and find our own.  

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