Human Cathedral

What are you building?



Every one of us is building a human cathedral.

-Arthur C. Brooks.

     I read this recently in an article about stress, acheivement and happiness.  You can read it yourself if you like here:

     What I took away from this article in addition to the beautiful imagery of a human cathedral, is that there is a sweet spot between stress, achievement and happiness.  Finding this balance is key AND it's an on-going process.  What excited and motivated you 5 years ago might not work now.  And even when you get what you wanted for so long? You may find it leaves you bored once you get it.  So circling back again and again to ask yourself:

     What is it I really want right now?  What will having that do for me?  Who do I want to be in my life? And what is most important about that?

     These questions will help keep that delicate balance.   They will indicate where minor or major alterations need to take place.  And they will allow you to invite others into your cathedral to hear you sing the song of a life well-lived.  

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