Watermelon Ways

How can we add pleasure?

photo lifehack.org

photo lifehack.org


     This summer I made an effort to eat more watermelon.  I like watermelon but I didn't eat it very often.  Why?  I decided to find out what kept me from doing something I liked.  

     First, I discovered  I found all the ways it was a bother.  The watermelon was too big, too heavy, too messy.  Then I noticed that I I also equated eating watermelon with being a kid.  I was not one of those.   But the fact is, I love watermelon.  A lot.  So why was I denying myself this simple pleasure?  What I found was that watermelon actually forces you to slow down.  You have to slowly carry it.  You have to slowly cut it.  You have to slowly rearrange the refrigerator to accommodate it.  And when you eat a big slice of watermelon, you slow down too.  You sit and savor.  You spit out the seeds or swallow them whole as my son does as the juice fills your mouth.  Time takes on a lingering quality.  

     No wonder I had no time for watermelon.  I didn’t want to do that, and more importantly I wasn't giving myself permission to do that.  Now I can see that pleasure, even if only in a perfect slice of watermelon, is important. It's these small pleasures that make life such a wonderful journey.  So?  Eat the watermelon.    And also? where are you deciding yourself out of pleasure?

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