Finding Free

Uplift and Reframe. 

Golden smiles and a wave. 

Golden smiles and a wave. 

Does your mind feel crowded?

Are you experiencing compassion fatigue? (I am so sick of it all....)

Do you feel like a heavy cloak has been put over your body (even first thing in the morning)?

Are small inconveniences secretly a big deal?

Do you spend a lot of time biting your tongue for fear of saying what you really think?

If you answered yes to any of these, you need an uplift and a reframe.  You need to seek and find the good, the free, the funny.  Whatever makes you smile - do that.  It may be painting, walking in nature alone, skinny dipping, playing with puppies or sculpting.  It may mean getting clear with the help of a good coach.  Go where you feel more free, mentally, physically, emotionally.  And soon the cloak may lift, the fatigue may dissipate and your mind may be light once again.  Freedom and clarity go hand in hand.  

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