Usher in the Light

The operative word here is try.                                   


     I try not to filter too much when I sit down to write a blog post.  I try and get it down fast from the heart.  Operative word here is try.  But often when I am editing, my mind conjures all the ways in which what I have written is not absolutely true.  My mind will manufacture scenarios where life is not what you put in.  How some people don't get what they want no matter how hard they try.  And all the injustice and pain in the world comes crowding in. 

     I am not some pollyanna.  As I have written, I used to dwell long and deep in the sadness of the world.  But this site is not about that.  First, this is the place I share my findings. Second,  it is meant to offer another view.  It is meant to offer a ladder of hope, a spiral upwards rather than downwards.  When in doubt, I want to usher in the light.

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