Our Story

There are people who are meant for us. 



     Circling back around.  Sometimes there is a reason people and the past circle round and round in our minds and then into our lives.  I had the odd experience of being  drawn to someone in the present who neither liked me nor was kind.  Nevertheless, my mind kept circling this person.  On the surface they offered nothing to connect to.  I felt like a cat chasing its tail.  And then it became clear.  

     Things were shifting and aligning.  People were coming back into my life that had been absent for almost 30 years.  Their words.  Their pictures.  Their fondness and humor.   I was something to them.  And they were something to me.  This person reminded my heart of  someone from that time but without the actual connection.  I realized, we have a part to play in each other's lives still.  Whether we want them to or not, there are people who are meant for us.  They are our people.  They populate our story, our life.  They inhabit our dreams.   And they can live in the shadows or the light.   I am so glad to bring them all into the light.  

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