Love and Friendship

We love and love and love. 



      Thomas Moore writes that true heart friendship needs two things to thrive- loyalty and presence.  It is not just a question of love.  There are people whom we love but are not in a deep friendship with.  Friendships feel active in the heart/mind even if we have not been in the person's presence for some time (or ever).   They feel like a container into which two people share things, set and leave things, watch and wait for things to morph or blossom.  Friendships hold each person up through the feeling of inspiration and mutuality, loyalty and presence.   And there is love.  In all great things, there is love.  

     Love grows in the presence of love.  So make sure before you look outside of yourself that you are not only showing love to others, but being a good friend to yourself.   Unlike many things in our world, love is infinite so spread it around with no fear of lack.  And don't forget yourself in the equation!  Loyalty and presence to yourself allows you to offer it to others.  

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