Leaving to come closer. 


          Leaving home can be hard.  For those of us who are more introverted, it can be really hard.  But through leaving home we are often able to see home more clearly when we return.  And I want that.  I love where I live.  But lately I can feel I need a refresh.  I need to relocate myself temporarily to see my home with fresh eyes.  I think this may be true for the many people and places we take for granted in our lives.

       If you travel a lot for work, this won't be a revelation for you.  But for the rest of us who don't uproot ourselves very often,  traveling away from home can be just the right medicine.  Traveling puts us off our routine and forces us to grow and adapt in small and large ways.   It also invites us to live differently, see differently for a time.  Who knows what we might discover?  It can be a portal for getting closer to the world and also getting more intimate with our own selves.   In this way we can be grateful on the adventure and grateful to finally come home.  Leaving can actually bring us closer.

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