When to Walk Away

Can you let people be who they are? 


     Knowing when to walk away from something is an art.  Of course it has to do with good boundaries and mutual respect.  But sometimes  boundaries are more like barbed wire and it can be respectful to just stop talking.  Knowing when to stop a conversation can be tricky.  At what point do you concede that nothing of use is going to come of continuing?  At what point do you let go of misunderstandings, poor choice of words or irreconcilable differences?  

     When I think someone is offended by what I have said, I freak out on the inside.  I worry and fret.  I want to make amends and fix it.  But recently, I have realized that I can also take a deep breath, a step back and reframe:  Did I speak from the heart?  Did I disrespect them?  Am I out of alignment with my own integrity? Was fear speaking instead of openess? Is it ok to disagree or stop a conversation?  More and more, I see I want to cultivate the art of knowing when to stop - stop trying to placate and fix, stop trying to change people.  And even more,  I want to practice the art of knowing when to stand up and move on,  in the direction of joy.  :)

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