the dark side of keeping quiet.....



     I learned a powerful lesson recently.  It centered around the power of silence.  I learned that when I silence my true feelings, I pay a heavy price.  And for me the price of silence was betrayal.  I betrayed my own sense of honor and decency for the sake of not making a "big deal" out of something.   I didn't want to appear old and humorless.  But not only did I feel so very old and quite humorless afterwards, I felt dirty and complicit.  My silence sent the terrible message of either agreement or fear.  

     I have since made amends to myself by voicing my opinion and sharing my disagreement.  And it felt so good.  I had not realized how darkly bound I felt until I was free.  And now I see: it is never worth it.  Never.   So, speak your truth.  Silence can be deadening and dangerous. 

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