Brain Trust

Question your mind. 



     Sometimes we can't actually trust our brains.  Sometimes they tell us things that aren't true or at the least, do not support happiness.  Coping strategies which were created when we were children are often at the root of stories we still believe.   If you want to create more joy or peace than you currently have in your life, you need to be really curious about those strategies.  If you try and try to change a certain behavior and seem to get no traction or longevity, those coping strategies need to be revisited.  

     And one thing to keep in mind,  it's not about will power.   It is not about being "stronger" or "good."  There is no use of force here.  It is about revising a way of being to be more in alignment with where you want to go at this point in your life.   What worked so well then, may be just the thing that is blocking you now.  So be curious and be kind.  Who are you being and what are you believing?

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