Opening your good eye.



     I take all the photos you see on this blog and on my website.  My husband tells me I have a good eye.  I use my iPhone so it's not fancy equipment.   I found myself mulling over the idea of having a good eye.  I think we all have this, in our own way.  And when we give ourselves permission to express what looks beautiful to our eye and to our heart, we spread beauty in the world.

     It might not be photography, it might be art, or the way we speak, the emotional support we give people with a kind look, or how we see the good rather than the defects in life.   Seeing beauty is really quite simple.  But for some it takes practice; it takes a reorientation.   I find it often starts with gratitude which then spills over into noticing beauty more and more.   Practicing having a good eye means practicing seeing the good that is all around. And nothing is more beautiful than that. 

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