I Tried

We may stack the deck against ourselves.



     While it is true you could wait your entire life for the "right" time to act, it is also true that there is a sweet spot when activities or changes are easier.   When we pile up several big life changes at once and then wonder why we feel overwhelmed, confused and getting poor results, this is an example of not the best timing AND lingering objections.   

     What are the real world challenges that are making this change feel impossible?  What are the underlying objections that might be going unchecked?  Is there a work around?  Sometimes we start a major life change at a bad time, not because we have no other way but because on some level we are afraid to succeed; we stack the deck against ourselves.  And then we can say, "See! Look!  I tried, but my life is just too busy, hectic, complicated, cursed (insert your own word here)."   But if we are serious about change, then timing and some deeper questions are definitely in order.    As I tell my clients, you want to construct things for "inevitable success."  No need to make it harder than it is.  How committed are you to your own success?  

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