Garbage Disposal

Who made you the garbage disposal?


     Have you ever eaten something you didn't like because you didn't want to offend anyone?  Have you ever cleaned your plate or eaten your child's left-overs because you didn't want the food to go to waste?  These are "first world" problems to be sure but problems nonetheless.    Who says you have to eat what you find distasteful?  Who made you the garbage disposal?

     Eating when/what we don't want sends the message to our body that true hunger and true desire don't matter.  We start the habit of connecting food and guilt.   And if hunger doesn't really matter and food makes us feel guilty, then you can see how over eating or even binge eating might not be that strange an outcome.    Staying connected to what you really desire is key here.  Do you yearn to have the last few bites of your child's dinner?  No? Then don't eat it.  Did you not realize the dish has horrible green peppers?  O.K., tactfully spit it out into a napkin.  No one has dominion over you but you.  Take back your power and let your body know you will honor hunger and fullness.  You will honor your true desires.

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