The Wind

Whose business are you in?



     It is a windy day in the large valley where I live.  The grass bends in waves on the vast green ocean outside my office window.  This intense wind used to unsettle me.  I would worry: about the fruit trees, about the vegetable garden, about the pond drying out.  And then I realized, none of this is my business.   And this wind that bends and  drives and pulls and moves is beyond the scope of my control.  It has benefits and costs beyond what I can see.  And what I hear now in the wind as it taps on my window at night is : let go.  Let go of how you think things ought to be, let go of your illusion of control.  Let go.

     I see all the ways that the wind is part of this land, not a separate intruder.  Funny how a change in perspective opens up so much.  I used to see the barn swallows flying in the wind and think "oh poor things trying so hard to fly"  and now I see that they are enjoying the wind, playing in it, going with it.   Now I see this wind and everything else is all part of a greater whole that goes on and on.    We are in relationship, the wind and I, and I can make it a dance or a battle but either way it will stay.   So what leads to joy?  

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