Making Room For Rainbows

We can't fit it all. 



     Taking out the trash is an important concept that many people neglect in one way or another.  We need to clear out the old and sometimes poisonous items that cloud our minds and cramp our environment.  This way we make room for....oh say,  rainbows!  The body, the mind and spirit all need this cleansing.

     Making sure that each meal you eat has a good amount of fiber in it will go a long way towards taking out the trash.  Your body uses the fiber you eat to get rid of many toxins, including endogenous ones.  Most people don't eat enough fiber.  I encourage my clients to get most of their fiber from fruits and veggies but adding 1 TBS of freshly ground flax seeds to your diet is a good way to increase the health of the body.   

     Making sure each morning you clean out mental debris is also really helpful.  I use journalling to do this.  You could also use meditation, exercise or prayer.  This gives mental clarity.

     And for the spirit, do the things that make your heart sing.  Enjoy or make art, listen to music, take a walk, take a bath, play golf, luxuriate in the beauty of our world.  This feeds the spirit on so many levels and detoxes the soul.  

     And then when you see a rainbow like the one pictured above, you may be surprised at how much more joy you get out of it.  :) 

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