Do Something

We need you.



     Watching something on the news and  being "informed" doesn't mean you change anything.  Raging against the ineptitudes of the government doesn't mean anything if you don't vote for different elected officials or introduce legislation or run yourself. (Have you noticed that local government hardly gets any play?  And yet this is what effects our day to day life?)   Reading articles that inflame and incense you doesn't change the world.  It only makes you inflamed and incensed which often just makes you a less nice person, a less open person, a less optimistic and a less proactive person.   I have seen this whole cascade over and over.    

   You can turn this around.  Pick issues that are dear to you and then do something (in the real world, not in your imagination).  Don't be an armchair philosopher.  Don't be the person who spouts this and that but then doesn't do anything to better the situation.  We need you.  In the end it's the doing that changes the world.  


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