Release your Toxic

Detox that is easy peasy. 



     The last couple of posts have been heavy!  So here is a lighter touch. How often do you love your liver?  Well if you drink alcohol, eat processed foods a lot,  and don't exercise then... not you!  So why not try a nice and gentle liver detox?  No, don't turn away this will be easier than you think. For the next 7 days you can do several things:

Lower your consumption of protein

Exclude all alcohol

Increase your fruits and veggies at every meal

Exclude processed foods (breads, cookies, chips etc)

Don't eat or drink from heated plastic containers

Increase water intake with a little lemon

Go on walks in nature.

Stop using cologne and perfume

Get great sleep

Just by incorporating all or some of these things into your life for one week, you will greatly reduce the burden on your liver.  You should feel lighter and more energetic.  Try it!  You may surprise yourself. :)


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