Be careful what you look for. 



     The truth is often reflected back to us by our experiences.  When we are controlling and rigid, nothing seems to go our way.  When we are easy going and patient, all the stars align.  When we are judgmental and hard with our thoughts, we will see this reflected back to us over and over.  People come into our space who are just as harsh and judgmental as we are.    

     There is great power in being the change you want to see in the world.  If you want more love and peace and understanding, then be that way more in your life.  If you want energy, change and new ideas, then have them yourself.  If you want lightness, joy and laughter then go looking for it and find it first in your own heart.  You will never find love when you look for all the hate and sadness.  You will not be bothered by doubt when you look for hope and find it.  Try it.  And if it doesn't seem to work, try some more.  And if you are still not convinced?  Well you can go back to finding what you knew all along was there.  Be careful what you look for.  

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