Loyalty to Your Soul


 Show yourself the way.



     The title of a photograph I saw recently was "Loyalty to Your Soul."  My heart leapt at this phrase.  This is exactly what I am talking about so much on this blog and in my coaching.   What does it mean to be loyal to your own soul?  What does it mean to be in alignment and inspired by yourself?  What does it look like to be lit up and filled up at the same time?

     For myself, I find things flow.  I find people come into my life who bring beauty and blessings.  I find things that were once hard are now less so.  I find I am filled with gratitude and joy which is just where I want to be and just what I want to spread.  And when I fall out of agreement with my own soul?  I can feel it immediately.  It's a tension, a ball in my stomach, a confusion, a doubt.   And when I notice I have been disloyal to my own soul, I quickly ask myself "when did I start feeling out of synch?  What thought occurred, what action occurred right before this?"  And then I write it out, talk to the person, clear my mental space and reconnect to myself.  And it always feels like coming home.  

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