Never Destroyed

In facing my loss, I was able to experience my joy.



     Last March I thought one of our farm cats was killed by coyotes.  This was not a surprise but it really affected me.  I tried to push my way through the sadness by telling myself she was only a farm cat and we always knew this could happen.  My husband wisely pointed out that I was trying to hurry past my sadness without truly experiencing it.  He was right.  As I thought about her, I started thinking about life and death and the law of the Universe.  It gave me great comfort.

     Nothing is ever truly destroyed, not energy, not love, not kindness and not the little spirit of a farm cat.  We are all simply transformed to another form, of light, of energy, of sound, of being.  In my sadness in losing her, I had forgotten this.  This is one of the most important aspects of my own faith.  And in it I find much comfort.   When things happen in our lives that seem harsh or unwanted, it is helpful to find comfort where you can - in people, animals, nature, prayer, wherever works for you.   I tried to skip the sad part.  But that avoidance will not support true connection or joy.  So I let it go and faced my loss.  Life and death go hand in hand.  And in facing my loss, I also was able to experience the joy in loving her.  

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