A Dark Turn of Mind

What steals your joy? 


     There is a real world difference between facing the challenges of our times, and becoming overwhelmed by the onslaught of negative information.  I spent most of my life with what I call a "dark turn of mind."  Other people's feelings would stick to me like glue.  And when it came to bad news about things happening far away or from long ago,   I would fixate on how I could have helped or how terrible it must be to live there.  None of these reactions were either healthy for me nor did they help much in reality.  They simply wore me down and wore me out.  They made me feel bad about my own happiness instead of grateful.  They made me wonder why I got so much good, when there was so much bad.  My concentration on the negative fed my depression and stole my joy.

     So now, I don't seek out the negative news or comments, or stories.   The really important stuff always finds me.   I choose to do good in my own small corner of the world and reach out farther when appropriate.  I choose to help lift spirits who are seeking to be lifted.  I post here because I hope someone looking for help will find it.  I follow Joy.  I refuse to feel guilty for it.  And I find that now instead of feeling despondent and angry with the world,  I feel hopeful and compassionate.  Which "knowing" do you think leads to greater action?  Which do you think is more powerful for changing our world?


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