Looking for fertile ground. 



     It is often the small spaces, the little openings we leave in our day that provide the most insight.  I find when I keep myself busy busy busy, I don't have much to say.  I have not given myself space to think, so the thoughts rolling around in my mind don't even feel like mine.  But once I give myself space, away from the computer, away from the chatter of other people, I learn something every time.  Often I share those insights here.  Sometimes they are more personal and start to inform a new direction I want to take my life.  

     How can we determine we need more openings in our lives?  Do we often find we have nothing to say?  Do we find when asked our opinion about something we "don't know?"  How often do we day dream?  How often do we "space out" and drift?  How often do we doodle?  How often do we allow our eyes to drink in a view, a piece of art or just saturated color?  These are some examples of ways we can allow for more space into our minds.  And this space is fertile ground for becoming more connected to and inspired by your own life.      


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