Cutting the Pie

How do you get to where you want to go? 



     We all make decisions everyday as to what direction we are taking our lives.  In little and big ways we head towards something.  Greater health, more fun, more loving interactions, more peace.  But sometimes the steps we are taking are so small we discount them.  So the question becomes, where am I focusing right now in this moment?  You need to decide how you will cut up the pie of your day.  How much will get your attention?

     I will take a client as an example.  She wants to manifest greater health in her life.  She wants this so that she can more fully love and enjoy her family.  But what does this look like day to day for her?  We discovered that riding her bike to work is a pivotal step towards this goal.  It makes her feel more alive, more connected, more active and more energetic.  She makes riding her bike, keeping it in good repair and allowing for the extra time it takes her a priority so that she gets the larger goal.   So cutting the pie of her day includes her daily bike ride.  What do you need to include in the pie of your day to get you where you really want to go?   Do you know how to cut your own pie?  


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