B vs. B

Your best defense from intruders?  Simply no room. 



     I recently read an article about how small birds can carry Lyme disease.  This unsettled me since one of the main design features of our farm is to attract more wildlife, including birds.   And since my daughter loved birds as a small child, I love them still.  

     So much can be said about bacteria.  Oh, so much.  From antibiotic over-use, to hand sanitizers at every turn, are we trying to create super-bugs?  No?  Well we certainly fooled the bacteria.  But I digress.  In my view the very best defense against unfriendly bacteria are robust beneficial bacteria.  Bringing the fight down to their level and size makes it way more effective then nuking the whole terrain (which antibiotics do, and sometimes they are called for).   Your best defense is to aide your own friendly bacteria.  How?  By eating probiotics, fermented foods, yogurt, getting your hands in good soil every now and again and not being so obsessive about clean.   Have you heard that you are more bacteria than human?  Well you are.  So might as well make them the friendlies.  


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