My heart cracked open and I learned to stop being so mean. 



     A room of one's own.  Space to think.  A place to do and be alone.  I need quiet.   I get increasingly annoyed and tense when noise and stimulation reach a certain level.  For years I did not really appreciate how important this was to me.  But these were, not coincidentally, the years I was completely dis-connected from myself.  I didn't like labels either, introvert, HSP etc were not something I wanted to identify with at all.   I had labeled these labels "self-indulgent."   

     But then my heart finally cracked open.  I finally learned to stop being so punitive and mean internally.  I asked many questions as I got to know myself again.  And I honored the answers.  No, I don't like noise.  Yes, I do have the right to ask for less noise or yes, I have the right to remove myself.  No, it's not personal, or manipulative or petty.  And yes, having a room of one's own, an office to retreat to is absolutely divine.   It fills me up in a way that is hard to describe.  It feels on all levels, nourishing.  And that is what we are after.  How do you nourish your own unique needs?  Are you allowed to have them?


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