Being Great

 How belief is all.



     You get out of life what you put in.  You get out of relationships what you put in.  You see and get miracles when you "see" and "get" them.  So much of it IS about perceiving.  When I left to lead my Heart Healing Workshop my son asked where I was going.  I said "I am going to be great!" If back in 2012 I had believed I could not change, I would not be leading this workshop or writing this post.  But I did not.  I put in, I pulled out what I wanted.  This can be true for everyone.

     Do you believe that you can be different?  Do you believe enough to ACT that you can change your health, your life direction, your relationships?  Because I have found that people who say they want change but never do anything about it,  people who have a dozen reasons why they can't, don't actually believe it's possible deep down.  They are of two conflicting minds.   And the darker one is winning.  The magnificence of human life is in the realization of potential.  And that too is the tragedy when it goes untapped or denied.  So instead, be of one mind.  The mind that says, "Yes!  I can do it!  I can change and I will be great!"

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