You Trade Your Health for...

Just don't.  Let's not do it anymore.



     Let's not look back and sadly wonder why we did not appreciate our health.  Let's not reminisce about how good we had it.  Let's be proactive now.  Let's be bold and grateful.  Let's make every day count and every day honor and nourish our precious body.  Because at the end of the day, you can't buy your health back.  You can't bribe your way to feeling better.   You can't hire a third party to negotiate a healthy body once you have neglected it for years.  You have to act.  

     Our health is more precious than gold.  More precious than vanity, popularity, money or power.  How frustrating it will be to give our time and health to hectic, stressful jobs and at the end find we have broken and failing bodies.  We may be filled with aches and pains and quiet fears that keep us up at night. Of course we can't cheat death.  When it's our time, it's our time.  But I want to face death knowing I gave my body, my life the best I could.  And I want a life FULL of joy and gratitude.  I want to know:  I showed up, I stood up for myself.  Whatever your history or current status, you can get the best possible health for yourself.  It is not a competition, it's a celebration.  And a healthy body and mind and spirit allows for so much appreciation and joy;  I want that.  And I make it a priority.  What about you?

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