How I Was Wrong



     For years I thought I was right about many things.  I thought I had considered all the angles and my decisions were correct.   This actually applied to many areas of my life but today I am going to take a simple, concrete example.  My neighbor mows his entire 25 acre parcel of land.  We live on a brittle oak-land savannah.   Many animals use the grass for nests and homes.  Mowing the grass greatly reduces their ability to do this.  His parcel is neat and tidy and at a greatly reduced risk for fire.  Mine is not.  But even so, I looked at his lot as impoverished.  Inhospitable, mean even. 

     And then two days ago, I was walking in the morning light and saw what appeared to be small bits of paper scattered across some of his land.  I looked closer.  They were wildflowers.  Native wildflowers that I have never seen on my land.  To me this was a revelation.  (You might be thinking big deal flowers.) But this dramatically demonstrated to me that my way of thinking is not the only right way. His way, besides the benefits I mentioned earlier, allows for plants to flourish which mine does not.  I have spent years untying the knots of black and white thinking.  And this small beautiful example brought this home again.  Where are you rigid in your beliefs?  And where can you open up your mind just a little to allow in wildflowers?   


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