Who Do you Love?

Who do you choose to include? 



     When you hear people say love is everything, what do you think? Really.  Well, if you are like me you think; ok... sounds nice but....  Oh let me count the ways love is not everything I see in the world.  But today I want you to think about choice.  About the fact that you choose who to love and sometimes it's rather arbitrary.  

     I recently got back in touch with a high school friend.  Hadn't spoken to him in 20 years.  Even with all the distance and life between us, he was still in my heart.  I cared if he was happy or not.  I wanted to know about him.  Some people just are that.  But I see I made the choice that he would be important to me.  Did it make sense?  Does he actually have anything to do with my day to day life?  No, not really.  And yet there he is.  

     Recognition fosters familiarity and that breeds acceptance which in turn can lead to a soft kind of connection.   When you share something with someone, you put them in a different pile of people.  And this pile is really not all that far from the love pile.   And I have been able to see that who I care for is much wider and more broad than I once thought.  How about you?  We love who we love, but why?  And is it all that different from simply choosing?

(ps I know it's "whom" but I didn't want to sound snooty.) 

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